Maybe You are the Answer

God is Just.  This is a statement that I fully believe, and one that I am establishing to build the rest of this (rant, essay, blog post, refreshing intellectual breeze of Truth-words, you pick) off of.  What I want to examine is what he chooses as the vehicle for his Justice…and why we shouldn’t be surprised when we land on that answer.

I love thinking about how God can do ANYTHING.  Anything, at any time, anywhere.  Why then do problems persist?  Like hunger, violence, turmoil domestically and abroad?  Why doesn’t God just cover the entire world in a blanket of manna?  Hunger solved.  Why doesn’t he just snatch the evil intentions within the hearts of man away? Violence instantly dramatically decreased.  But. God doesn’t use the old manna blanket trick, or the instantly-change-the-evil-ways-of-man card either.  He chooses people.

Right before he ascends into heaven, after his resurrection, Jesus charges his apostles to go out into the world.  They should be witnesses, filled with the holy spirit, sent out to the outermost reaches of the world with the intention of sharing what they know of the Good News Jesus’ ministry represented.  He didn’t tell them to direct the people to where the manna will be waiting, or to wait till God ‘fixed’ everything, and then thank him for his miraculous work.  God’s will is communicated through humans.  As he intends it to be.

I think this is very purposefully done.  I think there is something very important that happens when someone who has fallen looks up to a fellow human reaching down to help him up.  Angels don’t magically lift the fallen up; their bruises aren’t healed by the invisible hand of God. The hand of a brother clasps a man’s arm, and his injuries are tended to by the loving hands of someone who has fallen before.  God’s perfect Love communicated through broken instruments serves as a reminder of the very real hope present on the Earth.  For every pain eased, for every problem solved, there is a transformation that goes on in the recipient, as well as the one who comes the aid of those in need: a reminder that despite our shortcomings we are capable of finding joy and thriving in this life.  We are designed to exist within community, and the tools of God’s Love are present amongst us all the time.

God is Just.  And his Justice is bursting through the seems of this existence, the most accessible resource we have.

So next time you pray, do so unconditionally.  I am the worst offender of this: “God, if it is your will, and your other Godly agenda’s don’t take precedent, and if it is truly meant to happen, then could you show my friend some peace?  Reassure him of your presence in this hard time.”

What?  Why should we even assume we know or think that God organizes his Will in a way we can even understand?

Recognize a need, or a lack of God’s presence, and ask for it to be resolved.  Will for it to be resolved.  Take action to resolve it.  Have faith that dependence on God is necessary, and he will bring Justice to those who simply ask for it.  Unadulterated Justice.  When Jesus returns, will he find a host of the faithful?  Or will he a find a host of calculated and careful request makers?

Unadulterated Justice.  How?  Not manna blankets or awesome miracles.  You don’t have to look for His instruments.  You don’t have to keep an eye out for His next great and godly feat.  Why shouldn’t it be, why isn’t it you?  You have a will, a mind, and a body.  You have hands capable of lifting, moving, comforting, healing.  You are a perfectly crafted vessel designed to carry out God’s will and love.  Why wait and see if that family in need will receive some relief.  Why wait for your friend to find peace amidst a stressful time.  Ask a simple question.  Give your time or your money to something worthwhile.  Sit and listen.  Go and move.  There is no special prerequisite.  We are all the chosen ones. Go out. See. Admire. Recognize. Interact. And Love.  With a capital L.

And have faith that every act you carry out could be the answer someone has been praying for.


One thought on “Maybe You are the Answer

  1. “And here’s what He’s done: He has graced us and sanctioned us as his emissaries whose mission is to spread the one true and obedient faith to all people in the name of Jesus (God’s salvation). Romans 1:5
    (parenthesis mine)

    If not us, then who… People who anguish about a meaning for their lives need only open their eyes and listen with their ears to the individuals around them. There is always someone next to you who needs your presence. Perhaps the lost are actually those of us who wander around blindly in a sea of individuals crying to have us see them while we fret over what great dead we are called to do. We trip over ourselves looking for meaning that already is set before us.

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