A Quick Consideration: The Intensity of Time

“There is good to be done, here, now.”

Wherever you are, whoever you are surrounded by, whatever your mood: this statement is applicable.

Many of us consider time on a line, and therefore consider eternity to be a line that goes on forever.  365 day year after 365 day year.  But I challenge you to consider the intensity of a moment.  How can a 50 minute lecture class seem to drag on for hours?  How can an afternoon spent with a close friend fly by?  How can we stay trapped in a kiss forever?

Maybe eternity isn’t forever.  Maybe eternity is the range of experiences our linear notion of forever can hold beautifully encapsulated within a single moment.  The consequences of this statement are many and deserve some contemplation.

But not right now.

Right now, you are alive amongst the beauty of creation.  You are in a moment.  What could it potentially hold?  What could it potentially mean?

There is good to be done.  Here.  Now.

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