A Quick Consideration: The Mystery of Presence

Don’t get the bends.

That sickness divers get when they spend too much time in deep water. The bends. Generally a good thing to avoid.

And there are a lot of parallels between swimming/scuba diving and conversation/life in general. The deeper you go, the more discoveries you are going to make, about both yourself and your surroundings. But you can tire yourself out. The pressure can get too much, and keeping your thoughts straight can be almost impossible. Now, while literally shallower than deep sea diving, splashing around just off the shore can be the most fun. And substantial. With friends or strangers.

As Christians we can learn from this. We need to stop trying to make every conversation a potentially deep, life changing experience for ourselves or our counterpart. The front lines of any community or relationship comes through experiencing together. Through living together.

The backbone of any friendship isn’t found in deep, intimate moments. It is found in the spark of recognition in each other’s eyes. In the clasp of hands as you call each other’s names. As you eat, drink and laugh. As you move, enjoy and interact. As you simply exist in the same space.

Its found in time spent spending time together.

Don’t take lightly the blessing of others’ presence within creation. The base of brotherhood is made and broken long you broach religion, politics or passions. And while there are new intricacies to be discovered deep below the ocean of our thoughts, don’t stay down there too long.

You’ll get the bends.


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