Her name is selfless
To give more than to take
To act for for others’ sake

To rearrange your kitchen so you can’t find the bowls

Her name is strength
To raise three rowdy boys
To endure through all life’s noise

To break her hip playing basketball at age 75

Her name is dedication
To keep her town alive
To let its history thrive

To keep trying to do your laundry no matter how many times you tell her not to

Her name is beauty
To light the room from within
To be the calm within the din

To tell you you’re crazy if you think her bun looks good

Her name is humility
To never take the praise
To lift you up in so many ways

To tell you to stop apologizing because its been 4 months since you called her

Her name is Nano
To love one man
To love one clan

To Love


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