Who Would Make Your Camp?

I enjoy meeting people. I love to hear their stories and spend time with them, generally doing whatever activity drew us together. But close friends? I have few.

And like it that way.

Picture the end of the world. The apocalypse.  And picture yourself surviving said apocalypse. Now, you are tasked with pushing onward. With persevering into the uncertain future to give humanity a hope of survival. You definitely couldn’t do this alone, you would need to form a camp. A group. A posse fit for survival. A band who isn’t afraid of the grit and is ready to embrace the simple reality of life, death, and the bonds of relationship that bridge the two.

Now, picture your current social network, (both real life and imagina-oops, I mean virtual) and put every single one of those individuals into the above situation I have described. Picture them in that post-apocalyptic environment. Without cell service. Without Walmarts, Safeways and the internet. Picture them without a bed, private space or time to get ready in the morning. When all of the conveniences are stripped away, what remains of that person?

Is their identity wrapped up in the fleeting and the trivial? Or is their identity solidly within the convictions they strive to maintain everyday?

What kind of people are they when the only thing to do is be people?

I’m not saying don’t bother with anyone who doesn’t know some sort of survival skill or isn’t completely loyal to you. But I do think we can look at what we spend our time doing and who we spend our time with. And really discern, after peeling away all of the layers, who is important to you and why. Because even though the apocalypse might not happen soon, a time will come when you do need to call out for help, when you need to steady yourself.

When you need to rely.

I challenge you to forge relationships that will endure anything, and will be ready to answer any need no matter the challenges together you may face. I challenge you to know who’d make your camp, and know with confidence.

But all of this begs the question:

Who’s camp would you make?

3 thoughts on “Who Would Make Your Camp?

    • Good point. I don’t believe we need to be in anyone’s camp. We don’t owe anyone our loyalty or service nor does anyone owe us what is within their power. I am of the belief however that if you consistently treat those wich whom you come into contact with transparency and honesty that these “camps” will naturally form, as common values and worldviews are established and discovered.

      There is also a more physical/pragmatic component that I hinted at in my post but didn’t expound upon: there is something to be said about having the ability and will to put into action what is necessary to back up what you say you believe, and back up/support those with whom you shair that bond I mentioned.

      And in this post-apocalyptic setting I have presented, I believe there to be an advantage to be in the company of those who pass the ideological/pragmatic mindset test. Simply even to be in the company of other thoughtful, intentional and courageous (in this hypothetical setting) individuals, regardless of ideological beliefs. For example I know several people who hardly agree with me on anything politically or in regards to my faith that I would take in my camp in a heartbeat over others who share my faith or politcal notions.

      Some people are simply more real, more true to themselves, and I think thats the bottom line I am after.

      But, in reference to your point, we would be better off alone than in a camp of idiots.

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