The point is to live the questions, right?

But we don’t. We live for the answers, for the resolution
Worse yet, we wait for those answers
We wait for it all to be made right again, to make sense

We long for that walk into the sunset
For that note to wrap up the dissonance in clarity with just

But with each step we take in anticipation
We lose the feel of our current stride
Like an infant
Gunning for a cupcake
And falling flat on her face

We are always looking ahead
But that’s ok, because
Patience is a virtue, the kind of
Thing that gets knowing nods of approval
And makes you feel warm inside

Except we have it all wrong.

We are waiting for a resolution that we have been experiencing
Our entire lives
We are longing for a revolution that has been
Ongoing long before our birth

The beauty of the end is that it is not self-contained
But the context of the end, which we have the privilege of engaging in
Each and every day
Is both the most integral and most forgotten piece

So in the middle of unrest, of turmoil, of pain
Or worse yet
Of boredom
Do not wait!

Do not focus on the good to come because the good cannot come
Without good first in place to welcome it home
And good cannot be present unless it is first seized
Unless it is ripped from your surroundings like a fruit
Ripe to be plucked

And good is the most abundant fruit there is

So get up and move, rise to your feet
Recognize that this now is real

Feel the strength in your backbone
It was put there with a purpose
And that purpose is not to wait
To preserve
To idly hope

That strength is meant to endure
To take blow after blow from the storm
And revel in the sleet and wind

Because you are just as much alive
In the clutches of uncertainty
As the soft embrace of contentment

Look not to the future
Look to the now
Transform your desperate hope
Into fierce resolve

Because the race is already won
All that’s left is your victor’s song
Needing to be sung

So go forth
And sing

Patience is not waiting
Patience is action in the unknown

4 thoughts on “Patience

  1. I don’t believe we have met, but somehow through some mutual friends I stumbled across your blog and this post KICKED ME IN THE FACE. Thank you so much for the reminder. Been searching / asking / waiting for patience instead of living into the Now. Reading this took away all my excuses!

  2. Thanks for reading Ruth! I do see we have some stellar mutual friends…and I’m happy my post could affect you like it did! I guess thats why I write-in hopes that how I see things may be an interesting perspective to others. Thank you for reminding me I’m not just sending my words out to the infinite inter-webs, but to people. And of course! Link away!

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