A Quick Consideration: Hidden Inspiration

We have all made mistakes. I have made more than my fair share.

In the heat and intimacy of moments we swear we will never love another, never wish for more, never go back to a certain way of thinking. And there is strength and beauty in these oaths, although many are broken. But can hope be retained, even through the breaking?

Even when we disavow what once shown beautiful, can we still recognize humanity? Even if we are lead to nowhere then left alone, we still hold that distant memory. We all still know the warmth of home. No soil is infertile to the seeds of truth.

Ex-lovers. Ex-friends. Alienated family members. Those who have let us down. Those who have betrayed us.

And even more so those we have failed.

A lie told does not discount growth to honesty.

Forgive others. And forgive what you hate in yourself.

We are all meant to be someone else’s grace.

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