Duel Grade

Isn’t it funny how we expect people to react to our words and take them at face value, but spend a lot of our time trying to navigate the tone of other people’s words, trying to figure out their hidden intention and meaning?

Why do we view ourselves as the exception to this rule every time we speak? We often times take offense if people do not take us at our word, but then always try and construct what we take to be the true character of others through our own interpretations and mental meanderings.

It is a double standard of the most egregious type, because it knows no bias’s or physical constraints. It is the mother of all other misconceptions. From one human to another it is simply the arrogant assumption that how we percieve and designate things is the standard by which the world turns. And even if our scope is more limited, it is at the very least the standard by which we judge our relationships.

Let us look into the eyes of others as they speak and give them the courtesy we expect to receive. Words are powerful monikers for our ideas and assertions; let us infuse our daily conversations with the grace and trust necessary to respect those words and learn from and appreciate others’ experiences. Every one you have ever seen knows something that you do not.

I know this rehash of the golden rule seems obvious. But it is also obviously a glaring problem amongst our interactions. From simple acquaintances to our most intimate relationships.

Put people in a box, and they will almost always break out of it.

3 thoughts on “Duel Grade

  1. Good stuff. However isn’t a part of the problem that people actually have hidden intentions from time to time? At least i know i do.

    • Great point! Its funny you say it I actually had a part of the above post written out addressing hidden motives and even lies that some of us sometimes (or often) tell. Erring to the side of brevity I just kept the post about the one side of the coin people don’t think of as much. Although you are right, there is a balance between being suspicious/leary and fully trusting. I think there is a way to safegaurd your well being or interests while still extending people trust enough to learn about them in a more straightforward and fruitful way.

      • I have some other points about the how we judge ourselves differently than others that I wish to take up in some post in the future. On the whole I agree though. This world would benefit from a little more trust.

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