I have recently been fortunate enough to meet another blogger who goes to my gym and church. After discussing and reading some of each other’s posts and thoughts, and finally realizing who we were in real life, we have decided to write on the same topic or theme once a week. So every Thursday, you can look to find a post here, followed by a link to her blog (which I suggest you check out, she is a very talented writer).

We will have decided the topic or question earlier in the week, but will not disclose what we have written to each other until we post it on Thursday mornings. Hopefully this will be as enjoyable for you to read as it will be for us to write!

This week’s topic was simply a word. “Contentment”. I was inspired to write the following poem:


We have all been given wondrous gifts
From which we draw the urge to pursue
That which holds steady through all the rifts
And absorbs the aches we must go through

But hold your march and quiet the hounds
A fool’s errand brings no smooth road
When placed upon exterior sounds
Ignoring wealth already bestowed

Gift me with the poor man’s smile
Knowing without reasons plain
And I will gladly walk a mile
With every step so much to gain

Let me humbly live and humbly die
Curse me not with foolish pride
Let greed from my pliant heart fly
And Grace escort me from this side

For now I see what we set out for
Is not some distant destination
But mine own eyes to see, feet set to explore
The greatest gifts of all creation!


Check out Ruth’s thoughts on “Contentment” here:

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