The Cross of Death

We all experience loss. And the ensuing grief. There is a war in my head regarding this subject, especially as a Christian.

I believe death to be nothing but a bridge to my God, and hence a moment to find peace in. But every time I acknowledge this I feel like I am detracting from the subject for which I am grieving. For their’s was a power, a power not to take lightly.

Many unseen things make up a life. Things that are felt, either directly or indirectly, sometimes for lifetimes. And despite the belief that there is a Better, a More, a Destination, I still wrestle (as do countless) with the death of those responsible for even a tiny impact on my life.

And yes, while Death has been defeated, there is still room for sorrow. God has placed us here for a reason, and I doubt it was to write off everything here on earth as unimportant or lesser than. While looking towards the heavens and feeling His Love, I know it is also important to look around, and feel the love of those around us.

Jesus carried our sins and died for us. But I want to recognize that fact not as a tool to offer consolation to myself or others whenever a loved one dies, or whenever there is pain in life, but rather as great news that affords me the confidence to walk this life with purpose.

“God is good, never forget that, we will make it through.”

“She is in a better place now, take comfort in that.”

Statements like those above can get us into trouble. I’m not detracting from their validity or their intention, just how we utilize them (although whether or not faith is something to be utilized by us to warp how we feel opens up a whole other can of worms).

What I am saying is Jesus took care of the big picture so we could bleed with the current picture. Just as God weeps for his lost children and grieves with those experiencing pain, let us do the same. God has allowed us to throw all of our energy into the here and now. For just as God is in the lowest of us, suffering with them, he is also present in the hand extended to offer help and support.

How much sharper our acuteness should be. How much more understanding our awareness.

We should feel the pain, the loss, the hurt and the confusion of our present world. When my grandmother dies, yes I know she is in a better place, but damn it she is missing from this one.

And when we have truly felt loss, pain and asked a thousand questions why here on Earth, then we can truly feel redemption. Feel accomplishment. Feel Love. Instruments provided us by the Provider to work His will here on earth.

He has taken care of everything else.

The Cross of Death has been defeated, let us now take up our respective crosses and recognize our journey is not fruitless.

Let us stop worrying about what happens after death, and focus on helping each other while we are still alive.


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