You are supposed to write about
What is in your heart
Or so they say
But I think not

And why I think not
Is precisely what
Captivates my heart

So I will write about that
And say it still counts

Sometimes I feel crazy
Like wanting to drive to a cabin
On a whim
Or walk up the side of a mountain
With a friend
Or wake up to a face
Just one last time
Saying the right words
In the wrong wind

Human lives
Conjoin without consent
Our dispositions both cruel
And innocent
The fallout both deafening
And silent
Parties held liable
For hearts they hardly know
They hold


All is blessing
Despite the pain
That is pressing

And I feel those words
To be true
I am just going to hold out
To ruminate on all that
Until I can figure out

This space.

Between the words
And tears
And fears

Between the wounds
And hidden thoughts
That dictate actions so clear
From halfway mapped hearts


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