Week 5 of my collaboration with Ruth brings with it an interesting topic…courage. This word instills many emotions in me, and many notions and ideas I like to think over and over and over about. It is a word that is all encompassing of the life I want to try and live, yet at the same time so particular it can be the only way to describe instantaneous moments.

So I decided to let a poem jumble out of my soul and represent my thoughts on this word for today, although I think I still have enough juice in me to elaborate some finer points in my head in a post later on…we shall see.

As always, please take a moment to read Ruth’s thoughts here! Every week she manages to blow my posts out of the water, and her words often times fill in the gaps between mine, and many times form new structures I skip altogether.

Without further ado:

The Fount

A God who chooses us
Will not choose to act
Until we choose him

What are we scared of?

A friend who chooses to love
Will fight as hard
As we fight for ourselves

Why do we refuse helpful words?

Our passions will gather
As much dust as our inability
To act can muster

Why do we wallow in ideas never made incarnate?

And the mothers of our lovers
Will sit alone and wonder
Where their babies have flown

Should our secrets be shown?

And that’s what it all comes down to
Hidden deep below a veil of small talk and smiles

When will we wake up?

We are scared of our true selves
Being shown
We are scared of possessing anything
Worthy to own

And the irony of our natures
Is that we repel the only things worth our while
Intellectual acknowledgment enough

Actions left in the dust

We halfheartedly tap into convictions
This hesitant point of contact
Is the where we must begin our war

We must summon the courage to step away

And enter into a world where
The road is looked upon as a blessing
And not a curse

Shortcuts breed empty arrogance

A person alone must be enough
No need for accomplishments
Only authenticity and love

And still we do not get it

Courage is the little things
That come up each and every day
We focus on life’s big picture

And forget about the pixels

We are nothing if not something
And the Fount from which All springs
Is only accessed
With one key

2 thoughts on “Courage

  1. “We are nothing if not something.” Love this line David. So simple yet so, so true and sound. Indeed, why would there be so much beauty and so many blessings in life if it/they were all for naught? Every post of yours is amazing!

    • Thank you for the kind words Gabe! I write these things so that they may spark ideas or thoughts in others as they have me. I truly appreciate you continuing to read what little I have to write, and please know I have been enjoying the pictures you post! An artist in a medium I am truly jealous of! (In the Godly sense of the word jealousy…if that is possible…)

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