True Victory

Who ever truly knows another’s victory?
Who sees all of the sweat?
Who sees the writer writing
The soldier fighting
Who hears the silent screams
Trying to drown all the regret?

Yet we applaud
And measure
And award
We sift left from right
Right from wrong
As if we recognize the pitcher
From which another soul’s vintage is poured

Our potential isn’t of this world
So we owe it to ourselves to try
To push until we can’t
Our deepest wishes we should grant
The view you will have from above
Dependent not on others knowing you can fly

Yet we compare
And envy
And fear
We place objective value
On subjective counterparts
Prioritizing a vision dull
Masking potential that’s always been clear

True victory is not easy
Command never-ceasing passion
For this goal or it will be missed
But creativity has a catalyst
And her name is discipline
Drink of this without ration

Yet we wait
And ponder
And plan
Wanting others to think us well
Poisoning our own gifts
Putting on hold the only quest
Worthy of pursuance since before life began

3 thoughts on “True Victory

    • Hey! Know that I truly appreciated your comment when I first read it, and I’m sorry to have delayed my response till now. I am happy you have kept tabs on what I have written, and I truly do wish you the best on your adventures! I am happy to have gotten to know what I do of you over what little time it seemed there was.

      • it did seem to fly by huh? four years, gone in the flash of a moment; may there be many more moments and opportunities to chat and swap stories very soon!:)

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