To tear away from your embrace
And that’s what it took
A tear
A tear
I cannot harness the means
To portray what you have meant
I know it’s not fair
To communicate this sentiment

It was never about fair

In some ways it is fitting
To not comprehend what this void means
As comprehension is lost on all that you were
Have been
Save for half haunted dreams
And faint whispers
From afar

In this vacuum of memory
This negative of our story’s photograph
I know what you mean to me
I feel it, breathe it, and have bled on its behalf

Now I delicately shelve it
(As delicately as these things can go)

For there are bigger things than you and I
And the universe is more expansive than my heart
I fear without the proper scope
I have only handicapped you from the start

Still I do not discount True Connection
Nor the power I feel in my own reflection
Nor the love we shared, genuine direction
Nor how the sun gave way to your complexion
Nor our endless conversations, my mind’s disinfection
Nor the flow of your body, simple perfection
Nor the humble uplifting of each other, honor shared

Our souls’ protection

I feel we have barely scratched the surface
The force it took to seemingly separate
Is but one massive wave in a storm with a purpose
To challenge us, and our lives elevate


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