Incessant (Crossfit and Loving the World)

Get back on the bar.

Do not quit
To stop something you cannot fully comprehend
Cannot fully fathom or appreciate?
Arrogance of the ugliest kind
Of the easiest kind

What of those who have fallen?
What of those who never had the chance?
Those who would give anything to sweat because of choice
And not because of sickness

What of the millions of instances you could have stood out?
Stood up?
The hundreds of hands you could have held?
The eyes you could have locked with
And spoken your piece
Contributed to peace

What of that time you quit on him
Looked him straight in the eye

And lied.

The excuses we make
The waste we rationalize

One thing is for sure
While you are resting
He is surging forwards
Towards, He is Boundless
He will not quit, give up
Or falter
He already has given everything
And continues to pour out more

You are lifted up
And have paid nothing
Gifted with flesh, muscle
Bone and breath

A spirit seen clearest at the peak potential of your resolve

What are you doing with it?

Get back on the bar.

And know
It’s both your blessing and your curse
That you are not nailed to it

One thought on “Incessant (Crossfit and Loving the World)

  1. Okay this is my new favorite. I am so happy that you see God in the gym too, what a blessing unfolding before my very eyes. Overwhelmed with great joy with your poems, words, and transitions. Thank you for letting me into such a sacred place!

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