More Than Memory

I want to be great
In something other than what I hate

I want to indulge the urge
To leave temptation behind, to surge

Forward, mending my mind faster than it can break
Leave all doubt in my wake

But not pain

No, pain is what I will embrace
Make it part of me, a partner in my race

For the body is stronger
And the heart endures longer

Than what pain whispers at first
Stop, breathe and wait with a thirst

It is not in vain

Pursue not for recognition
But for something greater, an addition
That pain is just crying for an admission
But you are not going to listen

A lifetime of this, impossible to achieve
Even a lifetime of Trying, with a capital T
Won’t render the full effect, ironically
Only able to be seen after you leave
When those you loved will grieve
But will not be deceived
For then you will be felt, truly
Your passion and love, more than a memory


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