We are all waiting for our demise
We are staving off our descent
Just as we are praying that
Our lives will be deemed innocent

Or perhaps we do not care
We live life in the now
Our focus folds it’s own meaning inside out
Concerned with the what, and not the how

Yet the feeble hand grasping
Cuts through all of this
In need of help and connection
Not a shifted gaze or a task list

Do not play not to lose
Do not play just to play
Play knowing it is best
To give each and every day away

We all know the cycles
The unrest that burns behind our eyes
When they turn from the color of wonder
To focusing on grey skies

So never forget the context
Of our self imposed problems and desires
Keep these illusions in retreat
By lifting others up even higher

For those of any Faith, or without
Does this not make sense?
Why be given the task of this life
Unless it is meant as blessing and not an offense?

We really are our own judge and jury
We will reap what we sow
Smiles of deceit can only last so long
We will feel the hurt that we bestow

These are my simple thoughts
As I labor within the Great Forge
If my crime is my sentence
Could my action be my reward?


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