Take the time to appreciate
That what is yours
Is hours

Learning to dance with this gift
Is a two-step process
Within our powers’

Step one:
Avoid mud
It will soften your stance

Step to
The Light
Blinding at first glance

And though walking blind
Seems an aimless pursuit
You’ll prefer faith to the jams
Caused by forbidden fruit

But what is mud, and what is Light?
Mud is of earth, and Light of the night!
For though the earth you can feel
It has muscles of steal!

Flexing Material and Desire
Thieves brandishing fire
They hide in no rut
We too, share in the cut
Of their toll on our lives

Because we supplied the knives.

Our pain, their reward
We see gain, we feel sword
We have misplaced our Lord
And supplied the Horde, never bored,
With weapons to slash down our Ward
Leaving our soul to be explored
And bear for the scourge
Our conscience, ignored.

But wait!

What of Light?
I have not forgotten that slight
I slipped in stanzas ago
Tossing definition to and fro

“Light is of night, night is the Light?!
Yeah right, you seem of the age
That still requires a night-light.”

You’re right!
To identify this plight
Perhaps we must turn back the page
To when we couldn’t fully see Life’s stage

Before we were slaughtered for meat
At such tender an age

For it is a gift of the young
To gaze with wonder upon our Scene
Not bothering with status
Or what power they can glean

They are wholly fixed
On the wonder of existence
The Script in their hand
And a heart of Persistence

Here is where my “Light is night”
Assertion takes flight
(No really it does, below in plane sight)

For it is during the night
That our stage must be Lit
The curtains are drawn
And there is nowhere to sit

With everyone watching
There is nowhere to go
Save where the Light shines
And on goes the Show

So dance!

Dance with the time you have
May your hours become Ours
And your mud surrender Flowers
Construct the grandest of Towers!

But wait!
Don’t forget the process
Step one: avoid mud
Step two:

I’ll let you guess

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