An Afternoon Appointment at the Park

Five minutes late.

It’s funny how that length of time
Can make all the difference,
Or mean nothing at all.

One thing is certain,
It provides for the most stymieing of headaches
When placed directly after the point
Of agreed-


Well that didn’t go as planned.

Damn trees.

But wait, could that be?
Ah yes, he has finally arrived!
I shall sprint directly at him,
Best to not keep him waiting.
Expediency is always appreciated.

He smells put together.
I’m glad he brought his human along.

They always seem to need each others company.

C’mon, Jar Jar Binks right?
Binks? Binks it is.
Call me Duke.

By the way, YOU’RE IT!

You seem fast, but can you keep up with me?
Yeah I know I smelled that too.
Wait, over here you can see this tree!
Fascinating isn’t it?
It is here every time I come,
And this one too!

The exact same place. Every time.
Awesome stuff.
How kind of the trees to let us
Pee on them. Every day.

What a thing, trees.

Huh? Yeah I know they seem to like each other.
I’m happy you brought your human too,
Its healthy for them I think.
They seem too content with their metal boxes.

You can’t pee on boxes.
Or at least they heavily frown upon it.

So, Binks, have you ever-

Dammit Binks. We almost had that one.
Have you ever caught one?

Yeah I don’t know what happens either.

But the run is always worth it right?

Wait, hear them calling?
Let’s go tell them about the trees!
Maybe they will listen this time
And come pee on the trees too.

Or at least notice them.

Yes, yes I understand, time to leave.
It was a pleasure to sniff you,
To run with you,
To revel in our exuberance together.

We will catch that squirrel next time,
I have no doubt.
We can discover what that will mean for us,
Catching a squirrel.

Maybe it will be like the trees.
Maybe even cooler.

Take care of your human, Binks,
And I will do the same.
One day we will convince them
To come pee on the trees,

And stop being so lame.


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