I want change!
I’m willing to change!
Are two very different things

So cry, cry out to the sky
Plead for the heavens to crack open
And flood down some reprieve for
Your suffering

Curse your god, demand
The scale be reset to
‘Fair’ and your heart
Returned to a state
Of comfort

Call out for answers and
Place blame all in a perfect
Circle up in the sky
As you stream emotions out your eyes

Or if the sky won’t do
Look towards anything organized
With weekly meetings held to glorify
A god you’ve never seen

There is a good target
The language you speak they
Can’t seem to translate
So that must mean all they
Do is preach hate, which in turn
Allows this fire of suffering to
Fumigate any decency left
In this world

Now whichever camp you belong to
I beg of you one thing

Silence your screams

I realize your pain is
An easy gateway to confusion
And hate

But honestly even worse is
The most common path away from
These unjust judgments
Simply lands in debate

Silence the Church
Or silence the gays
Can’t you see it
Doesn’t matter either way?

Everyone must have something
They stand for. I, for instance,
Would liken tolerance
To despair, and while that is
Likely to raise more than a few hairs
I’m asking all of us
To reserve what little care
It seems we are capable of giving

Arguments here
Should be reserved for a space
Where everyone is revered
And no life goes to waste

While prostitution can still claim
A nine year old life
Both parties can calm down about
The term ‘husband and wife’

I’m talking about suffering.
And change.

So I suggest we reset the ledgers
And even out the score
Recognize the need for civility
In this civil war
Where the only causalities are our
Brothers and sisters falling dead
To the floor

It falls on us to keep
In hand each other’s dignity
And recognize that we have
Chosen the wrong enemy

Inhumanity is what we should be battling
Ignorance is not bliss, no matter
The arrogance we adorn our eyes with
Lives are lost daily while we live
In a world with the term ‘VIP guest list’

Take responsibility and do away
With apathy. Humanity has
Already suffered enough
It is tough to
Unlearn society’s teachings
But we must

Because the most important lesson to learn now
Is that the problem is us.


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