I am the softest grape
The smallest seed

I want to be the finest wine
The tallest tree

I want to endure that
Sacred journey
Nature embarks on
So effortlessly

I want to crack the casings
Of my shell, break out and through
And trust the destruction of all
I’ve known as the promise of something
I never knew

I will savor the taste of my sweet experience
As I’m skinned, mashed and strained
As I push further and further along
In my journey as I endure
More piercing pain

My whole world turned inside out into roots
Wholly foreign yet wholly myself
My progress

Fermenting in my past and present
Wholly mixed yet wholly distinct
My failures

As I reach for the surface
That dirt ceiling that gives way

As I transform through my transgressions
That deceptive sweet that matures

I sense what sunlight can provide
And know the vintage I can become

Help me, please

To carry this candle against the wind

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