What is this colorful robe
Made of? What are the strands
That hold together this garment
That warms our hearts and hands?

Shared experience surely,
Or maybe similar goals in view.
Overlapping humor also a must,
Preferably some of it crude.

And it must extend beyond,
Beyond the superficial.
If talking about the daily routine
Is all we care to glean,

Then the steps we have taken remain only initial.

Actually, I take it back.
All of the above.
I don’t need a single reason
To justify actions of love.

It either is or it isn’t,
Let’s not complicate.
I will respond to your call;
That is a true trait.

I don’t need a list
And I won’t justify my case.
So either accept or deny
My hand, Brother. Try!

Together and true we will finish this race.


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