This is it
This is what I have been waiting for
The change, the fresh air, the new fields
Possessing nothing but everything I’ve been
I think I’ll stay
I pay no mind to cost or time of day
My dad always told me to follow my gut
And my intuition has never screamed as
Loud as right now, as I forget about
The keys in the ignition and the
Flowers and apples in the back seat

I’m where I need to be.

Turns out dad lied
Or maybe I just didn’t pry
Deep enough into his words
Follow your gut
I didn’t plan on my gut
Becoming a slut
Opening itself up
To anything that smells of promises and
Carries hope in one of those
Hip handbags that make you think
You’ll start being a better person
If you just carry it around

I couldn’t see the rot behind
The beautiful walls
And I’m not talking about mold
Nor some infectious evil lurking
Behind a glossy finish
I mean I couldn’t see the rot
Of my own restlessness behind
What I first saw as intriguing
And inspiring, as a path out
Of the lull of life

I am left confused
This place held promise
True substance when I first
Stepped foot amongst it’s beams
Of light and soft silky floors
Am I perverting beauty
Or simply not recognizing truth
Investing in lessons learned and
Bumper stickers rather than
The true language etched in rich
So I turn to leave, and unable to shirk
Pride’s final call
Then close

The door on this all
I finally recognize the
Continuity in my fall


Its not about love and its not about hate.
Its about Life. With a capital L.
And the ability to appreciate.


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