Beautiful Weakness (She Gave Me Her Heart To Walk Away With)

In killing you
I’m saving me
The only way
I’ll be free

But can’t you see?

It’s deeper than that
There is more than meets the eye
We are woven of substances so mysterious!
No matter the depths to which we pry

I’m blending a cocktail
Of your wishes and my
Paralyzation. I know moving
Forward will take concentration
But please follow my thoughts
As I can’t keep up on my own

You told me you loved me
And that promise is known.

If only you could see the
Trust I maintain in your
Strength as I sever your
Heart’s Achilles, shortening the
Length of time between now
And the moment I could potentially
Fade from your mind

We both know your true desire
To see me fly higher and higher
To see me unencumbered, truly at
Peace. To see my smile echo through
Every corner of my body and my soul’s
Every crease

I’m placing your love
Above. I’m putting your priorities
In line. I’m acting out what
You would tell me to do if
You were honest with yourself
If you could see through the brine

Can’t you feel what I’m really pursuing?
In this odd love triangle between two
There is a war between me, our love, and you
And I want our love to win
No matter who’s to lose

So I walk out the door
I let much fall to the floor
In my weakness I can’t remain
In your determination you can’t
Gain the wisdom to see

That I have given you my heart
To hold eternally.

My journey may lead to my destruction
Another case of human nature’s obstruction
To the actual truth of the matter
A subject I can’t confront and you can’t control
And it makes me all the sadder

To know in preserving our love I can never be whole


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