Only present
If something is wrong
There is need
To bleed
Suffering is a seed
Planted with a purpose
For service
Out of need
Though this insight
We seldom heed

A contusion
Placed upon our faith
Not in God, nor in man
It doesn’t blot specifics
Of things we can plan
The reason it drives
Us to rethink our lives
Is because it dives
Straight to our core
We can’t take anymore
We forget we play a game
Where we don’t dictate the score

Are these reason enough?
To search out and snuff
Any hope for a spark
That could fight off the dark
Reason to claim
There’s no such thing as a flame
Mighty enough to exist
In calloused death’s midst
Strong enough to resist
Gritted teeth and clenched fists?

I find myself falling victim
To a fate once devoutly denied
Forgoing provisions
I have long been supplied

Forgive me for running so quickly
To the outside


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