The fear is what keeps us here.

Keeps us hell bent on folly
On drinking just cause
Throwing deep seeded thoughts
Into innocuous buzz. Its just a
Few weeks, I’ll get my flow
Back and start patching these
Leaks, but till then what’s the
Harm, I see no pressing need I
Hear no alarm. Though there
Lies our second mistake, there is
Much harm in harmless
More real than fake
We desire connection, though all we do
Is take
Shortcut after shortcut, the
Easy way out. Hanging on every common
Thread like its the only
Thing that carries clout.

And while similar taste in music
Will get you through the door, projecting
A false present will always leave you
Wanting more.

More isn’t easy and
It’s difficult to cope with
Its implications in
an eternal scope. Though while
It takes effort there is still
Yet hope, we’ve simply lost sight
Of the rope, the many more
Strands holding together our
Hands when they reach for more
Than commonality, but rather secure
A grasp on reality, who we really are.

We are living legacies, we are always setting the bar.

That fact is important to
Remember the next time you shutter
Your blinds, preoccupied with your
Desires and carving them time,
Time you chose over the
Conscience you just drowned, and
The communities you tiptoe through
Needing to check who is around
Before you utter certain sounds
Lest you are discovered and found out.

You have always felt what this has been about.

Truth. Not universal or religious but
In terms of You. There is genuine
Beauty, genuine worth, and once
Fully explored it will bring
Forth the birth of a life
Free from inner tension and
Bursting with true essence,
Bringing us in line with a
Higher presence. We are already
Adored beyond reproach, this should
Give us the courage to approach
Any situation with the brazen
Statement, “This is who I am! This
Is what I’ve been given since
Before my time began! Choose
Me as I’ve chosen you, and
If not, I take solace in the
Knowledge I have seen this
Journey through.”

The journey of self-discovery and awareness, our soul’s glue.

A journey riddled with
Disappointment no doubt, when
bravely baring a pulsating
Heart you will cry out
In pain when you see what
You thought was meant to be
Fizzle out in vain. But the
Erosion of plans by the rain
Is better taken in stride when
You know you have gained
One more step closer to
Your goal: the mysterious
“Always was, is and will be” of your soul.
The casualties suffered in earnest
Attempt will too depart from your
Presence in ascent. There is a
Somber, heart breaking comfort in
Pursuing different summits, setting
Out after experiences lent.

A genuine encounter lights a more solid path ahead to explore, no need to reinvent.

To the sober traveler there is
A certain curiosity
To this quest, as it shows what
Little we know about what we dream
To design, while simultaneously
Assuring we are truly blessed.


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