Fair-weather (Sacred Fire)

Tell me all your secrets
Give to me your true desires
I’ll help you sift them through
I’ll help put out the fire

I know it burns you
I know you question life
Stop looking elsewhere for relief
Come here, ignore the knife

I promise I’ll lend my ear
Reinforce reinforce reinforce
I promise you have nothing to fear
Reinforce reinforce reinforce

I’ll never leave your side
So long as you don’t mind my steel
All the hurt and all your pain
All this confusion you weren’t meant to feel

I’ll be patient with your impatience
I’ll tend it, let it grow
Let me teach you to sleep
On what hurts and put on a show

But tell me nothing Sacred
Share with me nothing beyond
The thoughts that come when
You’re here, your fear

Quite honestly what keeps you up at night is none of my concern
I could care less and if you feel the need

I don’t mind letting you burn.

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