The Precipice

I’ve always known I’ll have to jump

I think I’m feeling the breeze
For the first time, refreshing
And stinging my eyes as they
Peer wet against the light
That I always shut out.

I used to be so confident in doubt

I used to revel in my inability
To confront. Call it comfort call it
Convenience call it needing time, though
All these names are an egregious affront.
An affront to the Truth, there is
No middle ground. There is living
And there is dying. And an unending
Need to be found.

The roads to these cliffs were perilous indeed
Due to the lack of true connection we all need

But I have made it now
And see friends before and
Friends below. And truthfully I
Will never fully know
If my choice is correct
But belief is necessary and
Everyone must object
To something. Embrace
Something. And let go.

Lewis once compared us to tin soldiers who
Think that as we melt it is
Towards our demise, not for the
Reshaping of our form to greater eyes
And I curiously wonder if the sea
Beneath will finish the job, if
I am about to perish or be
Washed anew free from the law.

And I smile as I feel my old friend
Doubt creep back into my mind. There
Is no future in this dance, I will
Waste no more time. There is a chance
I will miss her familiar grasp, but I
Know every kiss we share might be my

The rocks and sea rush up to meet
My falling frame, and upon impact
I realize I am no longer playing
The same game. There is more at
Work on the jagged shoreline of
My character than I am apt to know.

Boundaries start to grow
As Tides I’ve never known ebb and flow

Looking up at the precipice
From which I leaped, I find
Up is now down, my vision’s depth
Altered by my brave choice
And true perception floods
My lungs, revealing my true voice.

The melting of my soul
Was never death in disguise
The fierce rocks and ocean sing
Drowning out my sorrow’s cries.

Whatever this sacred water may bring
I will accept with arms open wide


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