To the Person Who Loves Sad Songs Too Much

A girl once told me she couldn’t listen
To sad songs for too long

The feeling and emotions dripped
Down into the under-bone lake
Of her feelings, and the ripples
Startled all of the sleeping
Demon-fish down there

Causing them to swim all about
Up and out of their
Natural habitat, drying up
Their decaying bodies now
Exposed allowing her
To gaze upon their
Black bleak bones and shudder

She sees her dead past and can’t fathom another

Sad songs rekindled and re-killed
Past horrors, old corridors
She left behind echo back
Through the baritone emotions
Melancholic tones and sonorous moans
Of someone else’s art

Symphonic symbols calling out from the dark

I told her she was wrong
No offense I said
But I hear beauty and hope
Not inescapable dread

Every lyric uttered, every chord struck
Is testament to dancing the dance
To interacting with the feelings
With which we are stuck

We are all human
Don’t erect those bands an idol
Don’t bury them in a pit
They are just like you
Living, breathing, thinking

Sympathy, empathy, identification
No one admits to asking for these things
When truly in the throes

But when souls try their best
To sort through feelings intimately foreign
They provide these comforts
To all others who struggle
Die and grow again

That verse knows your past
Better than you or anyone you’ve shown
That chorus calls out his name
When you last heard it in a dream’s soft groan
That bridge is the only thing capable of assaulting your senses
Like her smile once did, mixed with the deep sea foam

Yet you couldn’t hear any of this
If these melodies did not make the return journey home

Take heart when you let these songs
Slip into your head
Their notes are proof there is life to live
Even after a visit with the dead

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