It’s forever my bane, time
Weight too great to force the page to turn
His face pummels my dreams in waves
I promise the stronger woman will rise
Her name lost on the ink-tattooed page
Did the river of my courage ever flow?

The only motion these waters offer as hours flow
Is the batting of my eyelids against the sands of time
Redirect fluid emotions! Rewrite this page!
The ship of my sanity about to take a most dreadful turn
What encouragement is there to offer the oarsmen to rise
When the great ocean beckons, pleas rendered futile by violent waves

My heart drives away with you and waves
Its absence revealed due to lack of blood flow
Paradoxically my temperature continues to rise
And 0 bpm plus a fever gives a woman little time
To my old accomplices delusion and doubt I turn
They will gladly help me pen this unfinished page

Unfinished yet once so hopeful this page!
Your love was the ship cascading my heart’s waves
Yet it’s less freeing and more a freezer now when I turn
Back and gaze upon our story and let myself flow
Up and down those old frozen tides one last time
My body’s pulse-less heat slowly melting memories never to rise

Then through this twisted dreamscape a figure does rise!
Perhaps with strength enough to finally help me turn the page
Friend or foe? I will know with time
Suddenly bearable with hope seen out beyond the waves
I muster a cry out towards the beacon, my saliva a sputtered flow
I hope to learn from this figure’s next turn

Towards me it, no she, does turn!
Confusion and repulsion on both our faces rise
A shape convulsing and concave, blood out of her open chest does flow
The weight I feel has turned into a mirror from a page
I have been struggling against myself out here on dead love’s waves
My obstacle is decrepit fear seizing my essence this entire time

My inadequate solution to turn my struggle’s page
Had me focus on helping give rise to despair’s waves
I pray now from hope my actions flow, lest I be buried with time


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