Bleak Dawn

When does good intention
Give way to misplaced protection?

No human is stagnant
Treasures meant to discover
No mind is fashioned
To hold captive another

Years of longing
Years of justifying
Its not lying
Just keep her in a jar
But it has gone too far
The only reward
Is the hollow years
Of keeping alive a shell

But she sees now
She sees so well

The way the sun
Rises and sets
Giving birth to new days
Solace for the ways
You took away
And your heart will break
That muscle was replaced
With cold porcelain
The day you fought to retain
And not to grow
And now she knows

So dress up in your best
Tie your tie
Button your vest
Present yourself thinking
She will always turn to you

But the bed is empty
There is life to live
Life you can’t give

Follow her
Chase down and explain
Stream tears down your face
Cry, cry in vain

This is self-centered pain

She is not hurt
She is free
You are crippled from
Losing a feeling
Created artificially

Do not approach
Nothing can undo the web you spun

Save forgiveness
A lesson she must learn
After what you did is undone

She will not face you.


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