A Conversation Between Corpses

Please don’t go
Love me till you kill me

We can figure out how to stop this
The water is too deep

Careful not to break our only scale
Though I guess there’s no lament in taking chances

Till its too late
There is an acute difference between lament and despair

Love without shame!
I was only waiting for the calm
Endure the storm

Your tongue was being sharpened by the lies

Take my hand
Walk me through your twisting lead
And show me your efforts to lay low

Help me to lay down too, slow
Helpless in the connection between us

Desperate for that helplessness

We crave what we gave
As we keep trying to resurrect the blood
That ran through let veins

All we need is the air inside our lungs
Someone, anyone kiss me with supply

Take my place but keep your hands to yourself.


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