A Trial, A Denial

Do we realize the size of the Love we are dealing with?
Do we truly feel
Every day
The way we are cared for
In every way
And I mean Every
With a capital E
I’m talking about a scope
That stretches eternally

Do we realize?
I think not
I think if pressed we’d leave our faith to rot
I’m not being pessimistic
I’m being historically conscious

We have all taken up arms, and lost every battle we fought

But do not be distraught.

For yes, while the inadequacy of mankind
Is one absolute truth that has stretched over time
There is one other we often forget
The Grace of our Loving God which in no box can fit

Without which, all would be for naught.

Two truths
Countless instances of failure
And the unbelievable consistency of our Savior
And a pair of stories to connect the two

A story of denial, and of a violently beautiful trial.

Three denials and twisted smiles
The Rock of our Church, he whose faith transcended
All the others, both Jews and Gentiles
The crowd who looked upon the Christ apprehended

How often, like the multitude that stood
Before Pontius Pilate, are we unaware
Of the beauty before us, unable to file it
Correctly in our heads,
Unable to care
As we choose to put to death
He who only came to save us
Spare us
Deliver us from evil
Our eyesight is weak and our judgment too feeble
Inside our hearts we cheer for the death
Of what brings us life
And only later, thinking about His body bloody, broken
Are we riddled with strife. We lash out in the moment
Laughing mockery and ridicule our mission
Acting out of impulse and lack of true recognition

And with bowed head Jesus hears our curses and spite
Filled with love He takes our requests, and listens
For the road to His glory is just and right
Even as we hold the whip from which His blood glistens

Does Jesus stand trial in your heart?
How far from the Truth are you willing to part?
Or say to the Truth you are no stranger
This opens us up to even greater a danger
For no matter the strength or size of our will
In our weakest of moments we are still willing to kill

This brings us our second story, a lesson that teaches us still.

Three times Peter was asked, and three times he refused
To acknowledge the Love to which his soul was fused
Unlike the mob, he knew the action he took
Was in direct opposition as his Savior
He forsook
Even he who’s actions and place are cemented
In history as the one from which the church’s beginning fermented
Even he who walked on water and confided
In the very Son of God through which all things are provided
Even he stumbled and fell!
Even he gladly embraced the callings of Hell
As his earthly fears he couldn’t quell
And his spiritual stature was rendered merely a shell
Of what it at one point was.

This denial happened three times. To show us how much God loves.

You will recall, two truths of which I spoke
There is a third
One which countless times you’ve heard
And it revolves around the words
Courage and choice
Just like Peter, we have all been gifted with voice
Either unaware like the crowd, or painfully aware as Peter showed
We still must speak.
Will it be yes, or will we utter no?
Because while we are wrapped in our inadequacy’s shame
We are still able to respond to our Name

And God is shouting.

Have the courage to reach through the veil
Of your undeserving soul
Hungry and pale
God has looked past that, has come to meet you in your hole
Trust that while you are broken, your purpose can still be made full

We are unfit, yet God loves us still
The third truth is of a personal nature, and
Regards our power of will
Choose carefully to which intentions you cater
For there is no “save the dates”, or “wait till laters”

God is here. Now. With pierced hands and bleeding brow.

“Children, it is done, I am here
We have won. Deny me once, deny me
One hundred times. Have all the roosters
Crow, crucify me thrice more for my crimes!
It matters not. You are forgiven.

Now come to me, through your shame and brokenness.
You carry true beauty, and in me you can finally rest.
You all possess the power to finish this sacred quest.”

God has already chosen us over sin
Let us throw our inadequacy to the wind

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