It Can’t Fit in Your Hand

I’ve been thinking of something
Picturing something for a while
Let me give you some hints
This puzzle you can try to reconcile

It has no knowledge of what
I had for dinner last night
If it entered a battle of whits
With a sicilian, it would surely lose the fight
It would never climb a tree
Or walk the streets of Sicily
It is indifferent to both honey and bees
And has never been a board member
On a joint committee

It may have at one point witnessed a murder
But I can’t be so sure
And it definitely doesn’t care
If the common cold is ever cured
It would never vote the party lines
And would never pay up if handed
A traffic fine
It isn’t any type of fruit either,
No, not even a lime

Though one time…

No, I am mistaken
I thought it once appeared on American Idol
But I was thinking of Clay Aiken

So there you are
Those are the hints
Everything you need to know
About my mind’s contents

I know it is impossible to delineate
This has been an exercise in how not to communicate
The subject to which I was speaking
Is a whale

Ridiculous I know, and this has all been for show
A metaphor for a time we both remember and know
You should have just told me!

Or maybe I you.

But now our love
Remains quite like that whale
I’m sorry dear, that ship has sailed

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