A Defunct Vision, Moot (The Porch)

I can hear them
Fading into the distance
The sonic residue of their
Clamor hangs around me
As dust clings to an
Old lamp shade

Sonic dust
Memories rust

They wanted to come in
But its been so long
Since my light shone
I weighed the options

I prefer to be alone

I did answer their knock
I came out to the porch
That’s enough right?
Enough to see them
And they me
Enough to acknowledge
But not leave

I can’t leave

So I sweep
The echoes of their
Shouts fill my void
Mind, just as the dust
Fills the stagnant air

My attempt to clean
To straighten
To maintain order
Merely rustles everything up
As the noise reaches my ears again
Dust transforms to din

Their greetings
Their graciousness
Their audacity

The dust swirls and swirls
This broom is as useless as
My attempts to drown out
The reverberations of their
Salutations, mockery disguised

Don’t they know I don’t need them?
Don’t they know I see right through them?

I can’t step past my front door
It’s no use trying anymore
I’m forever stuck on this porch
Both outside and in
Choosing a secluded, sanctimonious
Anger over losing
My mind again
Over losing another friend

Its an anomalous mercy

One at my own expense
Others will never see

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