This party has lost its allure
My shoes can only sink so
Far into the floor

I feel like my head
Is a helium balloon
Attached to an
Empty suit

The tension between
My listless brain
And staunch soles
Betrayed only by my
Or shaking?
I’m unsure

Your conversation is aching

Tired hands

I’ve no patience for your story
Nor its hollow echoes of substance
Reverberating around these
Connection killing fields

Where is your investment?
I long for you to see me
And not a breathing recycle bin
For you to simply pop in used chitchat

Insert tired dialogue here

Unlike other bins I don’t
Automatically pop out affirmation
This is not a transaction
You are an oblivious thief

I want to hold you down
Because you’re not trying

Bare your teeth!

For the sake of both of us
Get upset! Snarl or at least
Bristle at the notion that
You are wasting time!

How exasperating, how humiliating!

My apologies.

There seems to have been a mistake
Just like me to create a scene
We haven’t even cut the cake

Though I wouldn’t eat
I’ve felt the grave slide across my throat

Hold me down
Until I stop crying
I don’t want to be here anymore

My shoes have sunk far enough into the floor

Don’t tell me what’s wrong
Tell me what’s right
I don’t know what side I’m on
Nor which enemy to fight


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