Your Roof

It wasn’t disingenuous
I think that was the biggest thing
You didn’t make a show of humility
Nor approach me as a king

You left me to my own devices
While opening your door
Your belief and confidence in your motivations
Set the stage and nothing more

Oh, how I’ve flourished!
I know that was your hope
The same hope you carry for every soul
Never narrowing your scope

Now I pause mid-dance
Amidst the beautiful, clumsy
Choreography we all enact
Hoping for a chance
To catch your attention across the stage
Just time to steal one glance
To thank you for showing me
There are far more cans than can’ts

For demonstrating the innumerable ways
To engage in life’s romance

Though I think I know
What your response would be
To whatever gratitude I could show
Another reason I hold your example
Closer than you know

“I merely stand watch over my own gate
I never held the key
He who supplied us with these gifts
Was never mine to show

But always yours to see.”

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