Yellow Belly

This is what should have happened
He should have strode this way

“That path was doomed from the start
He had no choice but to stay”

No choice?
No choice you say?


I pity any man who says
He can’t help himself

Dawning cloaks, wearing masks
Does not change the facts

Indulgence is not helpless

Are we that witless?
That impotent?
Is the Well of our Soul
On everything dependent?
On anything reliant
But our own hands to
Draw forth the pitcher?

Though what can I truly say?

I am through dolling out
I’m far from any envious

I am an escaped dog
Thinking the kennel’s wire
Put in place to cage and restrain

I now lecture the wolves
Though they know me a liar
And do well to draw out my hollow rage and pain

My listless yaps echo empty
In these woods
My entitled prayers turn angels to slaves

I’ve greater battles to fight
Of which I’ve never understood
I’m running out of reasons to be saved

The dark envelops
The trees press in
The wolves I sought to domesticate
Alternate snarls and snaggle-tooth grins

I feel now the true reason
I ventured out, committing treason

The weight of other’s wrongs
Is a much preferable burden
I’d rather sing anyone’s song
Than my own, lyrics uncertain


I desperately reach back
For that time when my eyes,
New and wet, saw only beauty
And no regret

As instructor
I am this lesson’s greatest threat

So I refrain from my bark
Treasure what sacred silence I haven’t devoured
Though I fear I’m not done hiding in the dark
I, truly, am the coward

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