I think my shadow is an eternal trickster
Or perhaps a diurnal hipster
Daily habits so predictable
But when its gone

Its gone

Or is it ever really gone?
Perhaps just more difficult to see
In certain lights, or if I’m
Standing behind a tree
Whose width surpasses mine

Can shadow exist within shadow
Or does it require opposition to light’s shine?

This is why I cry trickster!
How do I know,
Or perhaps hipster..
Putting on a show

Not that hipster’s aren’t substantive
Though my experience is they are lacking
In actual discourse and intention
More focused on beards, antique clocks and attention

Though there is the exception
(or perhaps majority and I’m just oblivious and rude)
Who’s interests lay in fields
And the why behind the wind’s wisps
I’m convinced these are the questions
One must pursue to better grasp
The dark’s grip on our silhouette’s
Glue. Is the grey creation due
To our interception of light merely
Trying to grasp at the nature of its
Own existence? Or too busy trying
To capture the attention of our
Peripheries to care?

Hipster one vs. hipster two

Or perhaps neither and my shadow has
Always been a trickster true.

Regardless, for my being to stand tall
I must get used to my identical outline
Darkening objects I walk by

Or maybe this is an issue of perspective

Perhaps my body, mind and soul
Everything that houses my ability
To move, think, and grow, depends
On my shadow. Maybe doom is incessantly
Cast out and up through fissure’s
In this existence’s crust, and
These death rays are absorbed in
My ink black opposite, leaving me
In the places hell would have

Always perfectly separating
Allowing me the freedom to roam

I’m my shadow’s identical
Plastering of being and light
An inverse silhouette
A living eclipse of anti-matter
Turned inside out
A 3D rendition of my 2D
Copy, the endeavor sprung
From dark-matter potential

Walking proof that the opposite
Worth noting isn’t the shade
We cast on all we walk past

But the life we live
Beauty in action perfectly
Encapsulating what the dark would have

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