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Here, at the end


The high road
The low road
The road we take


All wrong.

Started out
Pursuing pleasure
Avoiding pain
Remove the scab of years
Young minds are
Quite humane

But everyone is betrayed
Everyone has felt that blade
Then what of trust?
Instinctively speaking
It turns to dust

Joy rusts

Unless pushed, prodded
Years later we find
We simply nodded off to
Sleep, within us stirs potential
For connection, buried deep.
Who carries the pick? Who
Carries the urge to shovel
Out our dirt, to purge
Us of our insecurities.
To remind us of unbridled
Smiles and purities.
Ideals don’t need to be muddled
We are simply befuddled
And long for a return trip
Home to bedtime stories
And meals home grown.
Someone has made it.
Someone can show us the way.

Someone must.
So we search.

Though it be in vain.

And the cycle continues
We pass roads, roads
To people and roads
To venues. We’re not
Ready to eat, we’re still
Selecting menus! We long
For sustenance, but are
Preoccupied with setting.
We identify our need for
Food but have miscast our
Netting. So while our
Salvation is rotting
We continue plodding
And plotting
For ways to digest
The people who show
Us interest, ways
To swallow up anyone
Who offers to fill our
Cup. Ways to break down
And soak in only what
We desire, nothing
Its a lot of hurrying.
A lot of waiting.

But in this waiting
We are saved, a stroke
Of luck? Or maybe an honest
Mistake. But in the silence
As we prepare our
Violence, a simple
Thought dawns.

We are going about this all wrong.

Is it too late to rewrite this song?
We see our potential woven in with
So many futures. We’ve identified the
Cut but misplaced the sutures. The
Other was sent to smother, and
Our lovers, our mothers, distractions
And covers, concealing passion
Meant to employ, we are more
Than rations waiting for some
Magic envoy. Misinterpreting
Again, we turn cutthroat,
Transforming to steel from skin.

Hardened, powerful, moving
Forward with a purpose
To serve us.
To achieve, to leave no doubt.
And to think, almost a sell out!
There is no two for one
There is no time for fun
Our days are precious
There are victories to be won!


We are undone.

Still, quiet,
Out of breath
We reflect.
Unbridled trust?
Unparalleled hope?
To no avail.
Unmatchable tenacity?
Alone is too painful


All wrong.

But this is no end.

Knowing it all
Is no prerequisite
For further discovery

Even track records
Like ours, full of
Failure and misery

Will do quite well enough.

How we always seem to become
Exactly what we

How this realization leaves
But one way to travel.


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