There is no great fall
No humble return
No grand awakening
No new light for which I yearn

I’ve exhausted my store
Painting a picture so clear
Working hard to avoid
What has somehow perservered

Two common threads
Myself and change
I’m trying to find out
Which one is deranged

So please, do me a favor
Keep it down

I don’t want to alert myself
To the ongoing investigation
I plan on snooping around
The niches of my brain
While I’m out on vacation

I’m looking for clues
As to why I don’t work

Looking for reasons why
I refuse to embrace
Hope and grace, both
Are staring me in the face.
And I simply look back.
One hand raised
The other holding
The remote, finger poised to
change the channel
I’ve picked my battle
And the grounds on which
It will be fought. I
Know this time it
Won’t be for naught
Though it seems I was
Weaker than I at first thought


The only thing I believe
Will work.
Though I think my
Sub-conscience is a big jerk.
Fanning my actions with such
Lie-soaked fuel. I make myself
The fool.

These new floors laugh
Like the ones before
Same sins, different drywall
Does that make me a whore?

Two common threads, myself
And change. And its obvious
What I believe to be the
Issue, what has left me grounded
In fear.

But I’m not worried,
My lease is up
In under a year.


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