The Nuances of Your Words Are Like Gravity

What can’t be seen
Holds us down
What can’t be spoken
Is the weight in which we drown

I feel it haunting me
The only take away
I truly weigh
Is everything between the words you say

I’m stuck
Here on Earth
You, the sun
I realize your worth
Though with recognition I’m done

I want to feel!
Give me your warmth, make it real!
Make your pauses incarnate
That look in your eye, honor it!

Yes, I understand
You’ve presented the framework
My feet are planted firmly on land

But I’ve seen you melt mountains
Dry up whole streams and fountains
Ushered in new life and hope
A daily cycle, though more grand in scope

I’m begging
Tell me I’m wrong
But I believe you’ve left out
Half your song
The part where I belong
The part where I stop witnessing
And start contributing
The part where I sprout wings
And join you in the sky

I hear a few yes’s and a couple no’s
Your voice is as perfect as ever
But it cuts out and implication grows
Bookended by your breath, time lasts forever

Away from the sun my life is bound
I’ve only ever made it a few feet off the ground
The parts that keep me from you
Are when you don’t make a sound

Reality or perception?
My hell

I wish that damn apple never fell


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