Short poems are more often read.

Everyone has no time for what
Is in others’ heads.

Except for if they can clearly
See the beginning and
The end.
Keep those cloudy thoughts locked out,
txt txt txt hit send.

Give me less screens and more bends
In rivers and in heads.
Places to think and think
Till that rock you skip embeds
Itself in your thoughts’ currents
And threads together with the river
And your understanding spreads.

But that takes a patience
These days hardly plausible
And a declaration impossible:

An evening alone
Is better spent without a phone.

How scared and prone
A mind can feel when seeds
Sown land on stone and
Habits homegrown
Both postpone and condone
Feelings for which we never atone.
Too busy reading into tone
Ignoring love we’ve been shown
Thinking we can manufacture our

Avoiding and hanging by the need to known.

These days there are
So many ways to feel lost
And in a daze, we constantly
Appraise, rephrase, hoping
This one stays, though we only
Offer delays and all enter
An unspoken craze, where fear
Slays and sets ablaze
The one thing everyone truly

A hand to hold on rainy days.

But hands are so skittish,
Don’t scare one off.

So keep it short.
That way people won’t abort
Any meaningful time together.

Read into tone, force the perfect line.
Dethrone yourself, give up your mind
For something to which you can tether

Your lonely heart.
Though we often lose it at the start.
Why are we all so scared of stormy weather?

3 thoughts on “Short

  1. Your poems are really great! Love the embrace of life uncertainties in your work. We are going to have to hit you up next year to share this one in particular for our How to Zag Orientation series 🙂

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