I feel it is pointless to write
about this again
especially with a broken pencil

but I’ve endured too many days
where the only connection I had
was wi-fi

and too many trips seeing strangers
and couples mocking me in airports
don’t those vultures know
only one carrion allowed?
and no fresh fruit
so no pairs

these are terrible, I know
much like my decision to juggle
a relationship and courage

when you have no balls

but you left
so I’m all right now

looking back now through
this window bordered
with pain
I see that
the beautiful light from the past
are rays that can’t raise
the dead

this window separating

I am in debt to you
but can’t budge it

I think we spent too much time
trying to be led
that’s what poisoned us

and I see that now
no one can take
from me the lessons
I’ve explained above

because you can’t take a joke
that doesn’t belong to you

it’s all mind.

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