Growing up
Starts in the home
And we all must roam
From home
Find our own

The thing is
I started too early

It’s just I loved how curly
Her hair was, I loved her
Scent, I loved how her arms
Glistened and bent when
Pulling me from
My door to hers

My soul, it purrs.

Picture an engine, don’t picture a
Cat, and mechanic was never one of my
Hats; that purr was misdiagnosed

I was missing what I would one day miss the most.

Imbalance embedded
My balance was shredded
And I take all the credit
The writing was on the wall
I’ve just finally read it

My family means the most
Time spent is a decision
You can only make pre never post

But I’m a better man for paying the cost
I’m a better man for the man I’ve lost

Now her curls have faded
Though my family has only ever
Aided my search, from their mountainous
Perch, overlooking my path with love
Strong now as when they drew my
First bath, infant feet feeling
The waters of life for the first
Time, feeling the pain of leaving
Your love behind for a true

The boundaries of self should never be elective.

It seems enough is the one
Thing people can’t get enough of
But I’m preparing my heart and hands
To meet the only perfect love
Not only sent from above
But from below, and all sides
It takes much less than God
To rob a man of his pride
I’m opening my heart to the
Freedom to choose and the
Freedom to constrain

The freedom to walk the path that was always so plain.

This poem is about more than
A beauty captivating and a
Childhood spent investigating
Another at the expense of a
Mother, its about every instance
I let my cup overflow, I let
My inhibitions go, though in
A way that blinds and doesn’t
Teach; I do believe we should always beyond
Our comfort zone reach

But this poem is about choosing and forgetting
And the critical distinction between each.

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