My (i think this might be) Love Poem (Wizards, Lips, Run-ons, Disclaimers, and Oxford Commas)

She is a wizard
With her words
Her laughter
Her breath

I’ve always identified as a nerd and huge fantasy buff, so its ok for me to think wizards are sexy.

Between her smile and inhale
I imagine the grandest of
Journey’s. One where I scale
The smooth face of her

(a climb many thought
Impossible, but I am one
Of those fool hardy young
Lip-climbing prodigy/hipster
Hybrids that piss off
All the old-timey lip
Climbers and experts in
The field with my wanton
Disrespect of technique and just
Overall fool-hardiness, but
That combination mixed with
My courage and motivation
Allows me to complete
The climb. Daniel Day-Lewis
portrays me in the movie.)

-And claim the vacant pink plateau,
The space serving as
The beginning and end
Of your every thought made
Incarnate as my own, take up
Residence, so that
Between every uttering-

-Between every piece of art you
Let linger in the air
Between us
Before my eyes, ears,
nose, and brain
Greedily inhale its every medium-

Whenever you lick your lips,
Whether for comfort, inspiration, mindlessness, or biological reasons unknown to modern science;

You taste me

I’m also really strange, and make the oddest of thoughts seem routine, so you will forgive me the above. I just think you are quite exquisite. And want you to think of me between thoughts, words, and actions. Not in, like, a dependent way, but as more of a gentle affection and awareness. Except for that transforms into a visceral, fierce love when we are alone and stuff. Basically we have a good healthy balance in our relationship, and pursue common goals, and are committed to things greater than ourselves, and hope we leave a loving, strong, personal legacy (but totally understand and are ok with the fact that our great grandkids probably won’t know anything at all about us).

All because you are a wizard. Of the most wizardly kind.

And because I dared to climb lips once thought un-climbable.

*Don’t question whether or not Daniel Day-Lewis can pull off the role. The man can act.


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