I Didn’t Realize How Gracious Fireflies Were

Iridescence was never my forte
So admitting that I needed some help seems ok

I remember the night

We went from walking to
Wandering to
Wondering to
Wonder. Or something like it

Fireflies challenged the
Stars in the night sky
To a dance

Salsa. It had to be

Then there were
Your observations

The words always existed
Just never in that order
You orchestrated a point
As a maestro

I never knew the English language
Could play the violin like that

Under the hammerlocked stars
We touched one of those moments
That paints a picture
Of what you’ve always wanted
To say but couldn’t because
You can’t speak in colored pencil

Dance, music, art
All the most memorable
Important whispers have
Been screamed by universal
Languages from the start

So we lit a fire
Burned it all

Houses of my thoughts
Started to topple
Blueprints of buildings traded in
For water carved valleys
Fired shaped hills

Topographical rather than prescriptive

Warmed by the fire we
Made and how it
Felt like my brain finally
Started to begin
I knew I’d be sleeping under
The stars that night
Without and within

Our glow patiently waited
To take the fireflies’ place

I felt the stars take notice
The space between space
And your face diminished
At an astonishing pace

Taking into account the lack of
Formal training, we followed their
Lead with unexpected grace


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