Fierce (As She Set In)

Unfamiliar weight pressing
Familiar action
No regressing

Resilient fire
Burning deep within
Her chest, visible
In her eyes,
Smoldering atop
This naked of cold.

Tattered plains windswept
With circumstance
Stretched onward,
Those same winds wept
When trying to drown out
Her one word.

One she cried with every
Pull, one unknown to any
Language save her Native
Tongue, engrained since
Before her life had begun.

The veins of history
Each unique
She draws from hers
More often than she
Thinks. A long line
Of never-give-ups,
She stands tall and fills her place.

Sound waves bending
Around incarnate will, audible
Taking its place behind

You will never hear
Only nature knows to fear
Thinking leaves room to be misunderstood
Elements know what eyes never could

Stand back.



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