Post (An Indulgence in Pessimism)

I want to write
With a typewriter
Just enough off the lines
To look the part


I want the subject matter
To be vague but
Dressed up

Like remembering the first wedding you ever went to.

I want every girl
Who thinks about applying
Herself in action and thought
But then gets tagged in a pic
To identify and feel her
Wild heart flutter
When reading my words

I want my insert-adjective-here
To juxtapose so freshly with
My insert-noun-here that everyone
Forgets to think about what
Shortcuts the subject
Matter takes

We are all hardline emotional flakes.

But we all feel so differently
And the fiery pangs of self can’t lie
Except against the grain
All points the same way

Because they all are.

She is:
Beneath the surface
Longing for that one love
Remembering past relationships
Uniquely twisted

I want 900,000
Followers all thinking
I write for them

I miss him
I love her
I’m misunderstood
I see
What everyone else doesn’t

How many times can you say the same thing?
Maybe we are all saying the same thing

I guess I just need more bling.


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