U.S.S. Aimless

Enjoy the journey
It is the destination
After all
A notion
Equal parts revelation
And great fall

Once realized
The hungry crowds
Fester as flies
Buzzing buzzing swarming
Eager to discard the lies
In exchange for clear skies

“Teach us how to walk!
Which steps to take!
If the answer has been
Within all along
Teach us our existence to embrace
And the conclusion to forsake!”

Now we have people
Clamoring to know how
To properly walk, how
To correctly place all
The sprockets and cogs within the
Engines of their magical purpose shoes

Directing watery eyes
From longed for horizons
To oft-neglected
First steps is a start
Though process was never
Designed to replace heart

Pay attention to choice, yes
But to sacrifice the wonder of
What lay beyond the vast ocean
For the boat’s instruction manual
Is to cut down at the knees
The lessons that need learning

Do not discount yearning!

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